Toyota Dashboard Symbols & Meaning

Toyota dashboard signs and meaning

Toyota Dashboard signs and meaning

In today’s article we are going to focus on Toyota dashboard symbols and meaning. Have you ever wondered what the lights on the dashboards of your Toyota cars mean? Or even the name of the symbols? Well, you’re not alone.

These symbols are in the cars for specific reasons. From ensuring that your health care is not hampered to making sure that your safety is prioritized, the symbols are there for you to guide you and also give you maxim protection against anything that may go wrong.

The ABS Warning Light and the Tire Pressure Monitoring Light are just two of the different symbols contained within the car’s dashboard as they are all there to serve their very different purposes.

The dashboard light indicators and their meanings or what they stand for are all contained in the car’s manual and you can consult the guide to have a good idea of what they are and what they stand for.

The dashboard not only has these symbols on it, you can also find several vital information on it. For instance, you of course also have the High-Beam Headlight Indicator which notifies you about your headlight functions, while you also have the Low Fuel Level Warning Light present there. This particular light lets you know when you’re running out of fuel si you can refill your tank right on time.

If you keep seeing a particular or several lights coming on in your car and you don’t have any idea what they mean, you are free to check your manual or walk into any Toyota store and ask any of their officials. However, this article will take a broad look at these symbols and what they all stand for.

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Toyota Dashboard Symbols and meaning


  • ABS warning light
  • Charging system warning light
  • Cruise control indicator
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS) warning light
  • Headlight indicator (U.S.A.)
  • High-beam headlight indicator
  • Low engine oil pressure warning light
  • Low fuel level warning light
  • Low washer fluid warning light
  • Maintenance required reminder light
  • Security indicator
  • Slip indicator
  • SRS airbag on-off indicator
  • SRS warning light
  • Tire pressure warning light
  • TRAC OFF indicator
  • Turn signal indicator
  • VSC OFF indicator

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What They Mean

ABS Warning Light:

Toyota Tacoma: Why Did My ABS Light Come On? | Yotatech

If the anti-lock braking system of your car encounters issues or problems, this light will come on to get you notified. It gives you the heads up so that you’re aware of the latest development.

Charging System Warning Light:

Charging System Warning Light Explained - eManualOnline Blog

This light comes on when the charging system in your car has any issues.

Cruise Control Indicator:

What Does the Cruise Control Warning Light Mean? | YourMechanic Advice

When you toggle on the cruise control feature in your vehicle, this is the light that comes on as a confirmation of that action.

Electric Power Steering:

What Does the Power Steering System Warning Light Mean? | YourMechanic Advice

Also known as the EPS, the Electric Power Steering symbol comes on when there is a hitch in your vehicle’s electric power steering system.

Headlight Indicator:

When all of the headlights, parking, tail, side marker, license plate, or instrument panel are turned on, this is the light that notifies you of this development.

High-Beam Headlight Indicator:

As soon as you turn on the headlights of the high-beam, this indicator light is what will come on and alert you of the development.

Low Engine Oil Pressure:

This light turns on if you are running out of engine oil pressure. It is mainly an indicator that the engine oil pressure of your vehicle is getting low.

Low Fuel Level Warning Light:

When you are running low on fuel in your vehicle, this light is there to come on and give you the notification. This function works according to the type of vehicle, but they mean the same thing still.

Low Washer Fluid Warning Light:

This light was designed to come on automatically when your vehicle runs low on water fluid.

Maintenance Required Reminder:

From time to time, your car will need to undergo some maintenance. Some or most of those times, you tend to forget, but not to worry though as the maintenance required reminder light will do well to remind you when you should take your car for a check-up.

Security Indicator:

If your car has a Smart Key System, once you turn off the ENGINE START STOP switch, this security indicator light will automatically come on. It is a clear signal that this system is in operation.

Slip Indicator:

This light comes on if your car is about to slip. Another time it can come on is if there is a spin from any of the drive wheels.

SRS Airbag On-Off Indicator:

This system will get activated or deactivated in response to whether a front-seat passenger is present or not.

SRS Warning Light:

When the SRS airbag system is faulty, these lights come on to get you notified.

Tire Pressure Warning Light:

If the pressure in your tire inflation is not enough, this light is the one that gets you notified.

TRAC OFF Indicator:

This light is the one that lets you know whether or not the TRAC feature is turned off.

Turn Signal Indicator:

When you make a right or left turn, this light gets automatically activated accordingly. That is to say, if you are driving and you wither make a right turn or a left one, this light will get activated automatically.

VSC OFF Indicator:

This light gives a clear indication of whether or not the VSC is off.


Final Words

So there you go. Those are every single car dashboard symbols you will find on your Toyota dashboard. If you have been bearing in mind to know what the symbols stand for, you now have them.

Now you can drive with more confidence knowing fully well that you have a full understanding of all the components that make up the dashboard of your vehicle.

For the different lights that are a sign of warning regarding some parts of your car, you should endeavor to pay attention to them and make sure you attend to them accordingly. This way, your car does not suffer more damage than normal and it can then serve you for a longer period in return.

Thanks for reading our article on Toyota dashboard symbols and meaning. We hope that from today you will be able to tell what the Toyota dashboard symbols mean, when they appear on your dashboard.

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