Car Struggles To Start But Runs Fine

Car struggles to start but runs fine

Car struggles to start but runs fineA car taking time to start can be very frustrating and it might be a signal that something is wrong with it. A well-functioning car should start within 4 seconds otherwise there is an issue that needs to be fixed. However, the condition of the weather might also affect how fast your vehicle starts. So, if it is cold, you should not worry about your car that’s not starting on time. However, if the weather is just like every other day then your vehicle should start without any problem. So, if your car struggles to start but still runs fine, you need to find a solution on time. Continuous use of the vehicle may eventually get it worse and cause you more problems.

The main reason your car is struggling to start even though it’s running fine might be because of any of its energy components. The battery or alternator of the car might not be in its best condition. If you can discover the main issue and fix it, you should be able to get your car to start easily in the future.  This post will give you various reasons why your car will struggle to start and still runs fine.

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Why does my Car struggles to starts but runs fine

Your car having difficulties starting early in the morning can be quite irritating. You should not ignore this even if the car eventually works fine. Car struggling to start is a signal that there might be an issue with any of its components or elements. You will have to check everything to find the main cause and fix it as fast as possible. The best option will be to take the vehicle to a mechanic for a complete diagnosis.

Below are some of the issues that might be affecting your vehicle from starting

Low fuel

The first reason why the car might be having problems starting is if there is no fuel in the fuel tank. If the weather is cold, you need to ensure the tank is half full or full. When the level of oil gets too low, condensation might cause the oil level to get too low. This will prevent the fuel from getting into the engine. So, this might cause a bit difficult for the car to start in the cold.

Slow battery

Another reason why your car might be having a problem starting and work fine after a while can be due to its battery. When the weather is extremely cold, it can affect the performance of the battery. Low temperature slows down the battery production of electrons. This means it will generate fewer electrons and this will affect the level of energy it supplies to the starter. A slow battery can make your car struggle before it starts. A dead battery can also give car issues before it starts. There are lots of trickle chargers that you can use to save your battery.

Clogged filters

Another common cause why your vehicle might have a problem starting having clogged filters. It could either be a clogged air or oil filter. If your vehicle has clogged filters, then you will have to get a replacement. Servicing and maintaining your vehicle regularly can also help fix clogged filters. Having clogged filters can make it hard for your car to start. If you do not repair it on time, the car might eventually break down.

Malfunctioning car alternator

If your car is having trouble starting but still runs fine, the problem might be the alternator. The alternator of a car is responsible for generating electrical power in its charging system. The alternator needs to maintain the right level of charge in the battery when the car is working. It supplies electric power to the system of the vehicle. With regular maintenance, the alternator of a car can last for as long as possible. Once the alternator fails to run, the car can still work on the power of the battery. Once the alternator stops charging, your car will struggle to start.

Thick oil

The thickness of the oil can also affect the functions of the car. The fuel can get thick because of a low temperature or if you do not change your oil at the right time. A thick oil would not flow as easily and this will affect the engine. The engine will need to spin a lot because oil is not getting into it. A clogged filter can also be the reason why oil is not circulating very well. The dirt and debris in the filter can restrict the flow of oil also.

Faulty starter

The starter of a car is useful to harness the power of the battery. When you put the car key into the ignition, the started is responsible for cranking the engine. When this happens, the piston will create a suction which will draw the mixture of fuel and air into the cylinder. Having a malfunctioning starter is an issue that will make the car struggle before starting. If not repaired, the starter will eventually wear out and breakdown.

Damaged ignition switch

Another reason why your car might be struggling to start is if the ignition switch is worn out. It will eventually spoil over time and you will need an urgent replacement. If there is a problem with the wiring, the ignition switch might be hot when you touch it.


In summary, there are so many reasons why the car struggles to start but runs fine. The only way to know the real problem is to take the vehicle in for a complete diagnosis. Neglecting the issue can cause your vehicle to break down eventually.

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